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Atmosphere-Biosphere Signal Attribution in the Tropics (BSAT)

Junior Research Group

In the Atmosphere-Biosphere Signal Attribution (BSAT) research group our main objective is to understand tropical ecosystem dynamics, by investigating and monitoring changes in atmospheric trace gases like CO2, CHand CO. We aim to (1) quantify and attribute carbon sources and sinks at regional scales and (2) to study assess their development over time under global change. For this we combine top-down (atmospheric inversions) and bottom-up (land surface models) approaches with multiple data streams, like remotely-sensed atmospheric composition, in-situ mole fraction and isotopic composition measurements or eddy covariance flux measurements. 

The overarching goals guiding our research are:

  1. Disentangle the main drivers of net ecosystem exchange (NEE) and net biome exchange (NBE) in individual tropical ecosystems but also at the pan-tropical scale.
  2. To better quantify spatial and temporal patterns in tropical biogenic methane emissions and to provide insights into the current global methane growth rate.
  3. Use stable isotopes in CH4 to improve the characterization of source signatures in the tropics with the aim to advance our understanding in interannual emission patterns.
  4. Understand and quantify current and future trends in terrestrial CO2 and CH4 sinks/sources in tropical ecosystems.

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Santiago Botía
Group Leader
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Gisela Dajti
Master Student, Student assistant
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