International Office

International Office

Welcome to Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena! 
Our International Office offers support to organize your trip to Germany and settle in Jena.

Every year, we welcome colleagues from all over the world who contribute to the scientific excellence of our research institute. Since an international move can be challenging, we want to make yours as smooth as possible, help you with bureaucratic aspects and save you time so you can engage in your research. 

Get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to support you before your arrival and during your entire stay in Jena!


Before Arrival
Whether you're coming for a short stay or for several years, contact us as soon as you know you'll be coming to Jena. We'll tell you which type of visa applies to your situation and provide you with the necessary documents and support for:  
  • visa application
  • health insurance
  • accommodation
  • school and daycare
  • etc.
Please note that some embassies have very long processing times.  more
First steps in Jena
The first few weeks in Jena involve a bit of bureaucracy. You'll have to complete a few compulsory registrations, you'll receive several important documents by post and will probably sign a lease for your apartment. And this all in German! Don’t hesitate to drop by our office, we're here to help you to:
  • register to the city
  • open a bank account
  • get a residence permit
  • get your tax id
  • finding insurance
  • understanding your rental agreement
  • etc.
Living in Jena
You may have received a letter from Deutsche Rentenvesicherung, a query regarding child benefit or a rent increase, and you're not sure how to proceed. Come by! We're also here to help you throughout your stay with :
  • your contracts
  • finding german course
  • mobility
  • sport association
  • telephone/internet/cell phone 
  • doctor and healthcare
  • finding religion communities
  • etc.


‘Family-friendly’ is a prime attribute not only within the Max-Planck Society but also in the city of Jena. As a consequence, Jena is the place with the highest birthrate in Thuringia. To help reconcile the demands of both family and job, there are, e.g., more than 100 kindergartens (some of them bilingual), around 35 primary and secondary schools with different educational philosophies, and an extensive network of children’s day care centres.  Many additional facilities are offered by Jena-based companies. Altogether, these factors contribute to Jena’s magic work-life balance. We can help you:
  • finding a school/daycare
  • register your child on the waiting lists
  • apply for child benefits (Kindergeld)
  • info VBL child supplement 
  • etc.
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