Publications of Mina Azizi Rad

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Journal Article
Rad, M. A.; Chanca, I.; Herrera-Ramirez, D.; Metzler, H.; Sierra, C.: Stochastic and deterministic interpretation of pool models. Global Change Biology 27 (11), p. 2271 - 2271 (2021)
Journal Article
Anslan, S.; Rad, M. A.; Buckel, J.; Galindo, P. E.; Kai, J.; Kang, W.; Keys, L.; Maurischat, P.; Nieberding, F.; Reinosch, E. et al.; Tang, H.; Tran, T. V.; Wang, Y.; Schwalb, A.: Reviews and syntheses: How do abiotic and biotic processes respond to climatic variations in the Nam Co catchment (Tibetan Plateau)? Biogeosciences 17 (5), pp. 1261 - 1279 (2020)
Journal Article
Schädel, C.; Beem-Miller, J.; Rad, M. A.; Crow, S. E.; Pries, C. H.; Ernakovich, J.; Hoyt, A. M.; Plante, A.; Stoner, S.; Treat, C. C. et al.; Sierra, C.: Decomposability of soil organic matter over time: the Soil Incubation Database (SIDb, version 1.0) and guidance for incubation procedures. Earth System Science Data 12 (3), pp. 1511 - 1524 (2020)
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