Publications of Andrej Thiele

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Journal Article
Günther, F.; Thiele, A.; Biskop, S.; Mäusbacher, R.; Haberzettl, T.; Yao, T.; Gleixner, G.: Late quaternary hydrological changes at Tangra Yumco, Tibetan Plateau: a compound-specific isotope-based quantification of lake level changes. Journal of Paleolimnology 55, pp. 369 - 382 (2016)
Journal Article
Günther, F.; Thiele, A.; Gleixner, G.; Xu, B.; Yao, T.; Schouten, S.: Distribution of bacterial and archaeal ether lipids in soils and surface sediments of Tibetan lakes: Implications for GDGT-based proxies in saline high mountain lakes. Organic Geochemistry 67, pp. 19 - 30 (2014)
Journal Article
Krull, E.; Sachse, D.; Mügler, I.; Thiele, A.; Gleixner, G.: Compound-specific δ13C and δ2H analyses of plant and soil organic matter: A preliminary assessment of the effects of vegetation change on ecosystem hydrology. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 38 (11), pp. 3211 - 3221 (2006)
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