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Journal Article
Munassar, S.; Monteil, G.; Scholze, M.; Karstens, U.; Rödenbeck, C.; Koch, F.-T.; Totsche, K. U.; Gerbig, C.: Why do inverse models disagree? A case study with two European CO2 inversions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 23 (4), pp. 2813 - 2828 (2023)
Journal Article
Munassar, S.; Rödenbeck, C.; Koch, F.-T.; Totsche, K. U.; Galkowski, M.; Walther, S.; Gerbig, C.: Net ecosystem exchange (NEE) estimates 2006–2019 over Europe from a pre-operational ensemble-inversion system. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 22 (12), pp. 7875 - 7892 (2022)
Journal Article
Petrescu, A.M.R.; McGrath, M. J.; Andrew, R. M.; Peylin, P.; Peters, G. P.; Ciais, P.; Broquet, G.; Tubiello, F. N.; Gerbig, C.; Pongratz, J. et al.; Janssens-Maenhout, G.; Grassi, G.; Nabuurs, G.-J.; Regnier, P.; Lauerwald, R.; Kuhnert, M.; Balkovič, J.; Schelhaas, M.-J.; van der Gon, H. A. C. D.; Solazzo, E.; Qiu, C.; Pilli, R.; Konovalov, I. B.; Houghton, R. A.; Günther, D.; Perugini, L.; Crippa, M.; Ganzenmüller, R.; Luijkx, I. T.; Smith, P.; Munassar, S.; Thompson, R. L.; Conchedda, G.; Monteil, G.; Scholze, M.; Karstens, U.; Brockmann, P.; Dolman, A. J.: The consolidated European synthesis of CO2 emissions and removals for the European Union and United Kingdom: 1990-2018. Earth System Science Data 13 (5), pp. 2363 - 2406 (2021)
Journal Article
Thompson, R. L.; Broquet, G.; Gerbig, C.; Koch, T.; Lang, M.; Monteil, G.; Munassar, S.; Nickless, A.; Scholze, M.; Ramonet, M. et al.; Karstens, U.; van Schaik, E.; Wu, Z.; Rödenbeck, C.: Changes in net ecosystem exchange over Europe during the 2018 drought based on atmospheric observations. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences 375 (1810), 20190512 (2020)

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Rödenbeck, C.; Adcock, K. E.; Eritt, M.; Gachkivskyi, M.; Gerbig, C.; Hammer, S.; Jordan, A.; Keeling, R. F.; Levin, I.; Maier, F. et al.; Manning, A. C.; Moossen, H.; Munassar, S.; Pickers, P. A.; Rothe, M.; Tohjima, Y.; Zaehle, S.: The suitability of atmospheric oxygen measurements to constrain Western European fossil-fuel CO2 emissions and their trends. (2023)
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