Publications of Qian Zhang

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Journal Article
Bao, S.; Ibrom, A.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Koirala, S.; Migliavacca, M.; Zhang, Q.; Carvalhais, N.: Narrow but robust advantages in two-big-leaf light use efficiency models over big-leaf light use efficiency models at ecosystem level. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 326, 109185 (2022)
Journal Article
Luo, Y.; Pacheco-Labrador, J.; Richardson, A. D.; Seyednasrollah, B.; Perez-Priego, O.; Gonzalez-Cascone, R.; Martín, M. P.; Moreno, G.; Nair, R.; Wutzler, T. et al.; Bucher, S. F.; Carrara, A.; Cremonese, E.; El-Madany, T. S.; Filippa, G.; Galvagno, M.; Hammer, T. W.; Ma, X.; Martini, D.; Zhang, Q.; Reichstein, M.; Menzel, A.; Römermann, C.; Migliavacca, M.: Evergreen broadleaf greenness and its relationship with leaf flushing, aging, and water fluxes. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 323, 109060 (2022)
Journal Article
Chen, J.; Zhang, Q.; Chen, B.; Zhang, Y.; Ma, Li, L.; Li, Z.; Zhang, X.; Wu, Y.; Wang, S.; Mickler, R. A.: Evaluating multi-angle photochemical reflectance index and solar-induced fluorescence for the estimation of gross primary production in maize. Remote Sensing 12 (17), 2812 (2020)
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