IMPRS-gBGC Leadership workshop 2015

1.  Time & place

Start: Tuesday morning (Feburary 24, 2015)
End: Wednesday afternoon (Feburary 25, 2015)

MPI for Biogeochemistry, seminar room B0.002


2.  The instructors

Peter Wagner (Kleist-Wagner)


3.  Description

The modules are designed as a workshop covering two days. Participants will work together in interactive exercises and gather their own experience. Theoretical input will be provided as a presentation or demonstration. The following methods will be applied

  • lecture/video
  • individual work, small group work, Buzz groups,
  • discussion, question techniques, brainstorming, review of own situation, feedback
  • presentation and interactive exercise


For further details on the content and logistic matters (including registration issues), please contact the IMPRS office.


4.  Course material

Communication (Schultz von Thun)
Wikipedia: Leadership
Leadership Qualities And Management Competencies For Corporate Responsibility
Presentation Leadership
The Leadership Lexicon


5.  Registration

Click here to register before February 12, 2015

The number of participants for this workshop is limited to 12. If the course is already full, and you want to participate, please sign up anyway. This way we know how big the demand is and when to offer the next course.


6.  Feedback

10 out of 12 participants filled in the survey by March 16, 2015. Thanks a lot for participating in this survey! Your feedback is valuable because it helps the instructors and organizers to improve the individual modules and the general structure of the course.
The survey results are available here. Statistics and statements should not be taken as an exhaustive or exclusive list.


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