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VPRM parameters

Parameters for the Vegetation Photosynthesis and Respiration Model VPRM (Mahadevan et al., 2008) have been optimized using 2007 CO2 flux data (NEE) for 46 sites within Europe. Optimized parameters are available for the domain of Europe. Details are given in the header of the linked parameter file.


Mahadevan, P., S. Wofsy, D. M. Matross, X. Xiao, A. Dunn, J. C. Lin, C. Gerbig, J. W. Munger, V. Y. Chow, and E. Gottlieb, A Satellite-Based Biosphere Parameterization for Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange: Vegetation Photosynthesis and Respiration Model (VPRM), Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 22, GB2005, doi:10.1029/2006GB002735, 2008.


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