The Stordalen Mire is a palsa mire complex underlain with sporadic permafrost located in northern subarctic Sweden (68° 200 N, 19° 300 E), 10 km east of Abisko (Ábeskovvu in Northern Sámi language). more
Station North
Station North, also called Villum Research Station, is a research facility at a military outpost in high arctic North Greenland (81°36’ N, 16°40’ W). It is owned by the Greenland Government and is being operated by Aarhus University (Denmark) in cooperation with the Danish Defense (the Arctic Command). Observations are part of the European ICOS observation network, and the MPG flask sampler has been integrated into this concept. more
Teno River
The Teno River (Norwegian: Tana, Northern Sámi: Deatnu) is located at the northern border between Finland and Norway and flows along the community of Utsjoki (69°54'38.7"N 27°01'51.6"E). more
Trail Valley Creek
The Trail Valley Creek research station is situated near treeline in the continuous permafrost region of the Northwest Territories (68.74 °N, 133.50 °W), Canada. more
Ambarchik (Russia)
Continuous gas concentration measurements of carbon dioxide and methane in the permafrost region of the Siberian Tundra on the Arctic Ocean. more
In the foreground on the left is a mast about 6 m high with a large number of sensors for meteorological measurements. In the background there is a green landscape which is characterized by "tussocks" (huge tufts of grass), in between there are a few bushes and smaller trees. In the background you can see a gray sky on which half a rainbow shines. In the lower left of the picture the wooden footbridge and wooden poles lining the path-.
Photo:© Martin Hertel/BGC
Atmospheric fluxes of carbon dioxide in a permafrost ecosystem in the Kolyma lowlands, Russia. more
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