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Publikationen von Hye In Yang

Zeitschriftenartikel (6)

Jeong, Y.; Park, H.; Jeon, B.; Seo, B.; Baek, N.; Yang, H. I.; Kwak, J.; Lee, S.; Choi, W.: Land use types with different fertilization management affected isotope ratios of bulk and water-extractable C and N of soils in an intensive agricultural area. Journal of Soils and Sediments 22, S. 429 - 442 (2022)
Lee, S.-I.; Park, H.-J.; Jeong, Y.-J.; Seo, B.-S.; Kwak, J.-H.; Yang, H. I.; Xu, X.; Tang, S.; Cheng, W.; Lim, S.-S. et al.; Choi, W.-J.: Biochar-induced reduction of N2O emission from East Asian soils under aerobic conditions: Review and data analysis. Environmental Pollution 291, 118154 (2021)
Park, S.-I.; Yang, H. I.; Park, H.-J.; Seo, B.-S.; Jeong, Y.-J.; Lim, S.-S.; Kwak, J.-H.; Kim, H.-Y.; Yoon, K.-S.; Lee, S.-M. et al.; Choi, W.-J.: Rice straw cover decreases soil erosion and sediment-bound C, N, and P losses but increases dissolved organic C export from upland maize fields as evidenced by delta13C. Science of the Total Environment 753, 142053 (2021)
Park, H.-J.; Lim, S.-S.; Yang, H. I.; Lee, K.-S.; Kwak, J.-H.; Park, S.-I.; Kim, H.-Y.; Lee, S.-M.; Choi, W.-J.: Nitrogen effects on quantity, chemistry, and decomposability of Pinus densiflora and Quercus variabilis litters under elevated CO2 and warming. Forest Ecology and Management 473, 118315 (2020)
Choi, W.-J.; Kwak, J.-H.; Park, H.-J.; Yang, H. I.; Park, S.-I.; Xu, Z.; Lee, S.-M.; Lim, S.-S.; Chang, S. X.: Land-use type, and land management and disturbance affect soil delta15N: a review. Journal of Soils and Sediments 20, S. 3283 - 3299 (2020)
Park, H.-J.; Lim, S.-S.; Kwak, J.-H.; Lee, K.-S.; Yang, H. I.; Kim, H.-Y.; Lee, S.-M.; Choi, W.-J.: Biomass, chemical composition, and microbial decomposability of rice root and straw produced under co-elevated CO2 and temperature. Biology and Fertility of Soils 56, S. 991 - 1005 (2020)
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