Terrestrial Biosphere Modelling (TBM)


Investigation Nutrient Cycling in Terrestrail Ecosystems (INCyTE)
Participating members of the working group: Sönke Zaehle

NCyTE brings together two fields of research that have not interacted closely in the past: biogeochemical experimenters and earth system modelers. The overarching goals of INCyTE are to improve our understanding of the feed-backs of the nutrient cycle on the global carbon cycle (C) in general, and to integrate various researchers, data, and experimental and conceptual frameworks to illustrate the representation of nutrient interactions and restrictions in global teresstral C. -Improve cycles in Earth system models. more
Trendy - Trends in net land carbon exchange
TRENDY provides global & regional - north, tropical, south - NBP data from all models for the GCB-ESSD publication (these regional data are then freely available). TRENDY models output a wider range of carbon and hydrological data (e.g. all grid data) that are available for spin-off studies. more
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