Terrestrial Biosphere Modelling (TBM)


4C project
Group members involved: Sönke Zaehle

4C aims to advance our understanding of the carbon cycle over the historical period, as an essential prerequisite of reliable near-term predictions and long-term projections. This will be achieved by developing and making use of novel observations and data products to constrain the land carbon fluxes and their drivers, combined with forced land carbon cycle model simulations over the historical period (1900-2020) to improve our understanding of underlying processes, particularly focusing on the response of carbon fluxes to increase in atmospheric CO2, seasonal to decadal climate variability, and climatic extremes. more
Group members involved: Sönke Zaehle

The ClimGrass experiment aims to analyze effects of warming, elevated CO2 and extreme climatic events on the productivity and biogeochemistry of a managed C3 grassland typical for many European mountain regions. Our role in this project is a run a model-data synthesis activity involving several international partners.
ESM 2025 - Earth system models for the future
Group members involved: Sönke Zaehle

Earth system models for the future is an ambitious European research project on Earth System modelling that will build a novel generation of Earth system models fitted to support the development of mitigation and adaptation strategies in line with the commitments of the Paris Agreement. more
Group members involved: Silvia Caldararu, Jan Engel

Nutrient availability plays a pivotal role in the response of terrestrial ecosystems to increasing atmospheric CO2 and climate change. The objective of the ERC consolidator grant QUINCY is to clarify the role of the interacting terrestrial nitrogen and phosphorus cycles and their effects on terrestrial C allocation and residence times as well as terrestrial water fluxes. To this end, we have developed a novel model (QUINCY) for the coupled biogeochemical cycles at scales relevant for the ICON land surface model. more
Coordinated Research in Earth Systems and Climate: Experiments, Knowledge, Dissemination and Outreach
Group members involved: Johannes Meyerholt, Sönke Zaehle

The project facilitates a coordinated European contribution to the 6th Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6) where the climate research community compares a range of International Earth System Models using common sets of experimental protocols, to improve our knowledge of the Earth’s climate processes and provide the best possible future projections to governments and decision-makers. Our contribution is the coordination of the land model evaluation, with a specific focus on nitrogen related processes. more
Forest ecosystem nutrition
Group members involved: Lin Yu, Sönke Zaehle

The objective of the DFG-funded priority Program 1685 is to investigate the relevance of the ecological paradigm of the ‘whole being more than the sum of its parts’ for P - nutrition of forest ecosystems. Therefore new concepts of ecosystem nutrition and new methods will be developed. We contribute with the development of a new soil model representation for the QUINCY model. more

Completed Projects

ÉCLAIRE: Air pollution and climate change

FP7 project GeoCarbon

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