Ongoing Theses

Zavud Baghirov

Deep learning-based, hybrid, uncertainty aware modelling of the coupled water and carbon cycle using Earth observations

Vitus Benson

Deep Learning for multi-modal characterization of spatio-temporal Earth system dynamics on multiple spatial scales

Ekaterina Bogandovich

Societal attention to extreme weather events

Ranit De

Inter-annual variability in terrestrial ecosystem fluxes

Kelley De Polt

Impacts of extreme weather events across scales and domains

Lucia Muriel Eder

Effects of elevated CO2 on soil organic matter turnover and nutrient uptake, Institute for Geography, University of Jena

Arvind Gauns

Integrating Remote Sensing and Modeling approaches to Assess Carbon Dynamics of a Fertilized Tree-Grass Ecosystem

Reda El Ghawi

Hybrid machine-learning based modelling of biosphere-atmosphere interactions

Naixin Fan

Environmental controls of ecosystem turnover times

Ulisse Gomarasca

Understanding relationship between ecosystems multifunctionality with climate, vegetation properties and biodiversity

Theertha Kariyathan

Biogeochemical insights from multi-tracer atmospheric flask data

Negin Katal

Using Flora Incognita plant observation data and applying deep learning for phenological modeling

Lara Kösters

Deep learning species classification using morphological and genetic data

Çağlar Küçük

Ecohydrology from space

Hoontaek Lee

Carbon-water interactions across scales

Na Li

Internally-driven versus externally forced components of the global C cycle

Nora Linscheid

Ecological process understanding across time scales

Franziska Müller

Forest disturbance classification using deep learning approaches

Marleen Pallandt-Vermeulen

Modelling the role of soil moisture dynamics on soil organic matter decomposition

Sinikka Paulus

Atmosphere interactions in seasonally dry systems using lysimeter data

Jeran Poehls

Downscaled Predictions of Climatic Extreme Events

Christian Requeña

Deep learning approaches for analyzing spatio-temporal memory effects in Earth System data

Melissa Ruiz Vásquez

Exploring the potential of vegetation information for improving weather forecasts

Samuel Upton

Machine-learning based estimation of ecosystem CO2 fluxes constrained by atmospheric and ecosystem observations

Siyuan Wang

Global Vegetation Dynamics

Xin Yu

Memory effects of climate extremes on ecosystems

Weijie Zhang

Plant water use across the globe

Chunhui Zhan

How do plant-physiological effects of increasing CO2 influence the land-atmosphere fluxes of carbon and water?

Chenwei Xiao

Land management for ecosystem resilience
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