Climate-ecosystem-disturbance interactions group

Dr. Ana Bastos


Since May 2024, Ana Bastos is now a Professor at University of Leipzig.



The Climate-Ecosystem-Disturbance Interactions group focuses on the links between climate variability and change, disturbance regimes and ecosystem structure and functioning, at regional to global scales. More specifically, the group’s research aims to:

  • (i) quantify ecosystem vulnerability and resilience to climate extremes and changes in disturbance patterns, including the role of management;
  • (ii) understand the effects of compound disturbances (climatic and/or biotic) on ecosystem dynamics and biogeochemical cycling;
  • (iii) gain insights on the drivers of inter-annual to decadal variability in the carbon cycle with a focus on ocean-atmosphere-land teleconnections.

By combining observation-based data (such as eddy-covariance, atmospheric monitoring, remote-sensing) and data-driven and process-based modeling, the group’s research aims at reducing uncertainties in key components of the earth system, particularly the feedbacks between climate and the carbon-cycle and better constrain the contribution of land ecosystems for climate change mitigation.


Current team members

Laura Häbold
Student assistant
Na Li
Doctoral Researcher
  • +49 3641 57-8918
MPG Publications
Nora Linscheid
Doctoral Researcher
  • +49 3641 57-8905
MPG PublicationsORCID
Yimian Ma
  • +49 364157 8955
Anna Schackow
Student assistant
Tiago Ermitão Silva
Doctoral Researcher
  • +49 3641 57-8954
Samuel Upton
Doctoral Researcher
  • +49 3641 5-78909
Chenwei Xiao
Doctoral Researcher
  • +49 3641 57-8911
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Xin Yu
Doctoral Researcher
  • +49 3641 57-8913
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Former members

Evgenii Churiulin Scientific Programmer. Now at KIT

José Cortes Scientific Researcher

Stella Mutai Scientific Researcher

Olivia Hau BSc intern (Uni. Hamburg)

Sarah Heinrich BSc intern (Uni. Freiburg)


Ana Bastos is this year’s winner of the Beutenberg Campus science award in the category „outstanding junior research scientist”.


Xin Yu’s study “Contrasting drought legacy effects on gross primary productivity in a mixed versus pure beech forest” highlighted in EGU Biogeosciences.

Recent publications

Journal Article (62)

Journal Article
Jean-Pierre Wigneron, Philippe Ciais, Xiaojun Li, Martin Brandt, Josep G. Canadell, Feng Tian, Huan Wang, Ana Bastos, Lei Fan, Gabriel Gatica, Rahul Kashyap, Xiangzhuo Liu, Stephen Sitch, Shengli Tao, Xiangming Xiao, Hui Yang, Jhan Carlo Espinoza Villar, Frederic Frappart, Wei Li, Yuanwei Qin, Aurélien De Truchis, and Rasmus Fensholt, "Global carbon balance of the forest: satellite-based L-VOD results over the last decade," Frontiers in Remote Sensing 5, 1338618 (2024).
Journal Article
Sebastian Bathiany, Robbin Bastiaansen, Ana Bastos, Lana Blaschke, Jelle Lever, Sina Loriani, Wanda De Keersmaecker, Wouter Dorigo, Milutin Milenković, Cornelius Senf, Taylor Smith, Jan Verbesselt, and Niklas Boers, "Ecosystem resilience monitoring and early warning using earth observation data: Challenges and outlook," Surveys in Geophysics (2024).
Journal Article
Justine Lucile Ramage, McKenzie Kuhn, Anna-Maria Virkkala, Carolina Voigt, Maija E. Marushchak, Ana Bastos, Christina Biasi, Josep G. Canadell, Philippe Ciais, Efren Ĺopez-Blanco, Susan M. Natali, David Olefeldt, Stefano Potter, Benjamin Poulter, Brendan Rogers, Ted A. G. Schuur, Claire Clark Treat, Merritt R. Turetsky, Jennifer Watts, and Gustaf Hugelius, "The net GHG balance and budget of the permafrost region (2000-2020) from ecosystem flux upscaling," Global Biogeochemical Cycles 38 (4), e2023GB007953 (2024).
Journal Article
Samuel Upton, Markus Reichstein, Fabian Gans, Wouter Peters, Basil Kraft, and Ana Bastos, "Constraining biospheric carbon dioxide fluxes by combined top-down and bottom-up approaches," Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 24 (4), 2555-2582 (2024).
Journal Article
Xuhui Wang, Yuanyi Gao, Sujong Jeong, Akihiko Ito, Ana Bastos, Benjamin Poulter, Yilong Wang, Philippe Ciais, Hanqin Tian, Wenping Yuan, Naveen Chandra, Frederic Chevallier, Lei Fan, Songbai Hong, Ronny Lauerwald, Wei Li, Zhengyang Lin, Naiqing Pan, Prabir K. Patra, Shushi Peng, Lishan Ran, Yuxing Sang, Stephen Sitch, Takashi Maki, Rona L. Thompson, Chenzhi Wang, Kai Wang, Tao Wang, Yi Xi, Liang Xu, Yanzi Yan, Jeongmin Yun, Yao Zhang, Yuzhong Zhang, Zhen Zhang, Bo Zheng, Feng Zhou, Shu Tao, Josep G. Canadell, and Shilong Piao, "The greenhouse gas budget of terrestrial ecosystems in East Asia since 2000," Global Biogeochemical Cycles 38 (2), e2023GB007865 (2024).
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