Main Focus

My primary research interests are in the interactions of climate, water, and ecosystems under changing climate and human impacts. I focus particularly on the integration of data and domain knowledge with hybrid and explainable machine learning methods to address scientific challenges in these areas of interest.

Specific research interests:

  • Terrestrial ecohydrological processes and interactions at different scales
  • Integration of physics and data with hybrid and explainable AI
  • Coupling and feedback mechanisms between water, energy, and carbon cycles
  • Predictability, attribution, and impacts of climate extremes
  • Hydroclimatology, climate change impacts, and human influences

Curriculum Vitae

Research Experience
2023 -              ELLIS Unit Jena Group Leader at Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry
2021 - 2023    Postdoctoral researcher at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
2016 - 2017    Research Assistant at Southern University of Science and Technology

2017 - 2021    Ph.D at National University of Singapore
2013 - 2016    M.Sc at Beijing Normal University
2009 - 2013    B.Sc at Wuhan University


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