Main Focus

My main research interest is the link between vegetation and hydrology. More specifically, I studied and study:

  • The link between vegetation characteristics and evaporation.
  • The effects of land-cover change and climate change on water fluxes and water availability.
  • Drought legacy effects on the water cycle.
  • Remote sensing of vegetation during drought.

Curriculum Vitae


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Hoek Van Dijke, A. J., Mallick, K., Teuling, A. J., Schlerf, M., Machwitz, M., Hassler, S. K., Blume, T. & Herold, M. Does the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index explain spatial and temporal variability in sap velocity in temperate forest ecosystems? Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 23(4), pp. 2077-2091,, 2019.

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