Main Focus

  • Dynamics of the terrestrial carbon cycle and effects of vegetation on it
  • Satellite-based remote sensing of vegetation
  • data-driven modelling of biogenic land-atmosphere fluxes combining eddy-covariance measurements with Earth observations through machine learning (
  • special interest in water availability effects globally, and high latitude ecosystems

Peer-reviewed publications:

  • A comprehensive list of my publication record can be found on my ORCID page.


Personal Projects:

Contributions to:


Curriculum Vitae

since 2018: PostDoc in the Global Diagnostic Modelling Group and co-lead of the Fluxcom initiative

2014 - 2018: PhD candidate, 'Assessment of the dynamics of terrestrial vegetation using satellite observations of greenness and sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence'

  • Institute for Space Sciences, Free University Berlin (03-10/2014)
  • Helmholtz Geophysical Research Centre Potsdam (11/2014-02/2018)
  • Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy (09-12/2016, 05-07/2017)

2019: Ernst-Reuter-Price of the Free University Berlin for one of the best five theses in 2018

MSc Meteorology, Free University Berlin

BSc Meteorology, Free University Berlin

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