Current Projects

MANIP - Large-Scale Manipulation Experiment
MANIP, a long term experimental project, aims at understanding responses in different eddy covariance sites from nutrient loading (primarily N and P) and water availability, on ecosystem-level carbon, water fluxes, and their interannual variability.
The The Forgotten Part of Carbon Cycling: Organic Matter Storage and Turnover in Subsoils (SUBSOM) project is funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG Forschergruppe FOR 1806) and aims at understanding the mechanisms of soil organic carbon storage and turnover in subsoils, and how they are influenced by physical, chemical and biological factors. Our task is developing a mechanistic soil carbon profile model representing and synthesing these mechanisms, including vertrical transport of particulate and dissolved organic carbon along the soil profile and consdiering both, rhizosphere and bulk soils. Group members involved: Marion Schrumpf, Bernhard Ahrens, Thomas Wutzler. more
The Quantifying the effects of interacting nutrient cycles on terrestrial biosphere dynamics and their climate feedbacks (QUINCY) project is an ERC grant of Sönke Zaehle and aims at clarifying the role of the interacting terrestrial nitrogen and phosphorus cycles and their effects on terrestrial C allocation and residence times as well as terrestrial water fluxes. We contribute to soil model development and have set up a greenhouse ecotrone experiment where we are now studying the effects of elevated CO2 on belowground carbon allocation, soil carbon and nitrogen mineralization, microbial activity and soil carbon storage. more
CIRCASA The project aims to strengthen the coordination and synergies in European and global research on SOC sequestration in agricultural soils, leading to an improved understanding and scientific basis to target ambitious practices required to preserve and enhance SOC. We are involved in identifying knowledge gaps about agricultural management options to improve carbon sequestration and its co-benefits for food production and soil health. Group members involved: Marion Schrumpf, John Kim more
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