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Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz-Preisträger 2020 Markus Reichstein im Porträt
(German video)
short video with Markus Reichstein
2020 November 9th

Source: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft more
How Can Artificial Intelligence Enhance Our Understanding of the Earth System?
(English video) Latest Thinking video with Markus Reichstein
2020 June 4th more
The Earth System Data Lab (ESDL) – multi-variate earth observation and diagnostic analysis
(English video) Didactic video by the European Space Agency (ESA) on the concept developed by Reichstein's working group
2018 Juli 24th more
Climate ‐ the carbon cycle
(German video)
Short video about the global carbon cycle in the series "MaxPlanckCinema" with the cooperation of Markus Reichstein

2015 June 1st more
Climate ‐ how the Earth breathes
(English video), Klima - der Atem der Erde (German version)
Short video about the Earth Metabolism and the role played by vegetation and soils in the series "MaxPlanckCinema", including an interview with Markus Reichstein
2015 June 1st (German version), 2017 June 2nd (English version) more
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