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June 2024

Three new colleagues have joined us this month: Mohammed Ayoub Chettouh started his PhD in the "Soil Biogeochemistry" group under project group leader Bernhard Ahrens. Dr Qi Yang supports the group "Global Diagnostic Models" as a PostDoc under project group leader Sophia Walther. Nan Meng, guest PhD student from China, is doing research in Sung-Ching Lee's "Eco-Meteorology Group" for one year
A warm welcome!
Between 09:30AM - 12:30PM, Markus Reichstein will co-host the workshop “Forecasting the future: AI in early warning systems” during the AI for Good Global Summit.
From 2:25PM - 2:40PM, he will talk about “Breathing nature: Unveiling the biosphere’s secrets through AI and earth observation”. more

May 2024

BGI welcomes another guest scientist from China, Lijun Wang. She will be joining Shijie Jiang's ELLIS group until the middle of next year.
Scholarship holder Ru Xu has been supporting the Gregory Duveiller project group "Ecosystem Function from Earth Observation" since the beginning of the month.
USMILE ERC @ STI Forum: Markus Reichstein, Gustau Camps-Valls, Veronika Eyring and Pierre Gentine will hold an online presentation pn “Pushing Frontier Research in Climate Modelling and Understanding with AI for Urgent Mitigation and Adaptation Needs” more

April 2024

Since April, Nicole Börner has been the project coordinator for the AI4PAX project in the "Model-Data Integration" group headed by Nuno Carvalhais. Marco Paina startet his intership in the group "Soil Biogeochemistry” headed by Marion Schrumpf. A warm welcome!

January 2024

Leo Roßdeutscher joined Marion Schrumpf's Soil Biogeochemistry research group as a PhD student this January. Jinfeng Zhao is a guest PhD student for one year in the project group of Alexander Winkler Atmosphere-Biosphere Coupling, Climate and Causality (ABC3). A warm welcome!
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