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Key Publications from the Eco-Met group and previous BAIE group.

Journal Article (172)

Journal Article
Victoria Shveytser, Paul C. Stoy, Brian Butterworth, Susanne Wiesner, Todd H. Skaggs, Bailey Murphy, Thomas Wutzler, Tarek S. El-Madany, and Ankur R. Desai, "Evaporation and transpiration from multiple proximal forests and wetlands," Water Resources Research 60 (1), e2022WR033757 (2024).
Journal Article
Paul C. Stoy, Nina Buchmann, Matthias Cuntz, John Douros, Silvano Fares, Alexander Knohl, Ladislav Sigut, Guillaume Simioni, Renske Timmermans, Thomas Grünwald, Andreas Ibrom, Benjamin Loubet, Ivan Mammarella, Luca Belelli Marchesini, Mats Nilsson, Matthias Peichl, Corinna Rebmann, Marius Schmidt, Christian Bernhofer, Daniel Berveiller, Edoardo Cremonese, Tarek S. El-Madany, Mana Gharun, Damiano Gianelle, Lukas Hortnagl, Marilyn Roland, Andrej Varlagin, Zheng Fu, Bernard Heinesch, Ivan Janssens, Natalia Kowalska, Jirí Dusek, Giacomo Gerosa, Meelis Molder, Eeva-Stiina Tuittila, and Denis Loustau, "Detection and attribution of an anomaly in terrestrial photosynthesis in Europe during the COVID-19 lockdown," Science of the Total Environment 903, 166149 (2023).
Journal Article
Samuel Scherrer, Gabriëlle De Lannoy, Zdenko Heyvaert, Michel Bechtold, Clement Albergel, Tarek S. El-Madany, and Wouter Dorigo, "Bias-blind and bias-aware assimilation of leaf area index into the Noah-MP land surface model over Europe," Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 27 (22), 4087-4114 (2023).
Journal Article
Wantong Li, Javier Pacheco-Labrador, Mirco Migliavacca, Diego Miralles, Anne J. Hoek van Dijke, Markus Reichstein, Matthias Forkel, Weijie Zhang, Christian Frankenberg, Annu Panwar, Qian Zhang, Ulrich Weber, Pierre Gentine, and René Orth, "Widespread and complex drought effects on vegetation physiology inferred from space," Nature Communications 14, 4640 (2023).
Journal Article
Pu Yan, Marcos Fernández-Martínez, Koenraad Van Meerbeek, Guirui Yu, Mirco Migliavacca, and Nianpeng He, "The essential role of biodiversity in the key axes of ecosystem function," Global Change Biology 29 (16), 4569-4585 (2023).
Journal Article
Chao Fang, Qing-Fang Bi, Jiansheng` Ye, Sílvia Poblador, and Ivan Janssens, "Editorial: Forest soil carbon in a changing world," Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 6, 1244445 (2023).
Journal Article
Ulisse Gomarasca, M. Migliavacca, Jens Kattge, Jacob A. Nelson, Ü. Niinemets, Christian Wirth, A. Cescatti, M. Bahn, Richard Nair, A. Acosta, A. Arain, M. Beloiu, T. Black, H. H. Bruun, F. Bucher, N. Buchmann, A. Carrara, C. Byun, A. Conte, A. da Silva, Gregory Duveiller, S. Fares, A. Ibrom, A. Knohl, B. Komac, J. Limousin, C. Lusk, M. Mahecha, David Martini, V. Minden, L. Montagnani, A. Mori, Y. Onoda, J. Penuelas, O. Perez-Priego, P. Poschlod, T. Powell, P. Reich, L. Šigut, P. van Bodegom, Sophia Walther, G. Wohlfahrt, I. Wright, and Markus Reichstein, "Leaf-level coordination principles propagate to the ecosystem scale," Nature Communications 14, 3948 (2023).
Journal Article
Javier Pacheco-Labrador, Francesco de Bello, Mirco Migliavacca, Xuanlong Ma, Nuno Carvalhais, and Christian Wirth, "A generalizable normalization for assessing plant functional diversity metrics across scales from remote sensing," Methods in Ecology and Evolution 14 (8), 2123-2136 (2023).
Journal Article
Eva-Marie Metz, Sanam N. Vardag, Sourish Basu, Martin Jung, Bernhard Ahrens, Tarek S. El-Madany, Stephen Sitch, Vivek K. Arora, Peter R. Briggs, Pierre Friedlingstein, Daniel S. Goll, Atul K. Jain, Etsushi Kato, Danica Lombardozzi, Julia E. M. S. Nabel, Benjamin Poulter, Roland Séférian, Hanqin Tian, Andrew Wiltshire, Wenping Yuan, Xu Yue, Sönke Zaehle, Nicholas M. Deutscher, David W. T. Griffith, and André Butz, "Soil respiration–driven CO2 pulses dominate Australia’s flux variability," Science 379, 1332-1335 (2023).
Journal Article
Weijie Zhang, Martin Jung, Mirco Migliavacca, Rafael Poyatos, Diego G. Miralles, Tarek S. El-Madany, Marta Galvagno, Arnaud Carrara, Nicola Arriga, Andreas Ibrom, Ivan Mammarella, Dario Papale, Jamie R. Cleverly, Michael Liddell, Georg Wohlfahrt, Christian Markwitz, Matthias Mauder, Eugenie Paul-Limoges, Marius Schmidt, Sebastian Wolf, Christian Brümmer, M. Altaf Arain, Silvano Fares, Tomomichi Kato, Jonas Ardö, Walter Oechel, Chad Hanson, Mika Korkiakoski, Sébastien Biraud, Rainer Steinbrecher, Dave Billesbach, Leonardo Montagnani, William Woodgate, Changliang Shao, Nuno Carvalhais, Markus Reichstein, and Jacob A. Nelson, "The effect of relative humidity on eddy covariance latent heat flux measurements and its implication for partitioning into transpiration and evaporation," Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 330, 109305 (2023).
Journal Article
Richard Nair, Martin Strube, Martin Hertel, Olaf Kolle, Victor Rolo, and Mirco Migliavacca, "High frequency root dynamics: sampling and interpretation using replicated robotic minirhizotrons," Journal of Experimental Botany 74 (3), 769-785 (2023).
Journal Article
Zhaoying Zhang, Luis Guanter, Albert Porcar-Castell, Micol Rossini, Javier Pacheco-Labrador, and Yongguang Zhang, "Global modeling diurnal gross primary production from OCO-3 solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence," Remote Sensing of Environment 285, 113383 (2023).
Journal Article
Egor Prikaziuk, Mirco Migliavacca, Zhongbo Su, and Christiaan van der Tol, "Simulation of ecosystem fluxes with the SCOPE model: Sensitivity to parametrization and evaluation with flux tower observations," Remote Sensing of Environment 284, 113324 (2023).
Journal Article
Sinikka Jasmin Paulus, Tarek S. El-Madany, René Orth, Anke Hildebrandt, Thomas Wutzler, Arnaud Carrara, Gerardo Moreno, Oscar Perez-Priego, Olaf Kolle, Markus Reichstein, and Mirco Migliavacca, "Resolving seasonal and diel dynamics of non-rainfall water inputs in a Mediterranean ecosystem using lysimeters," Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 26 (23), 6263-6287 (2022).
Journal Article
Norbert  Kunert, Johannes Brändle, and Tarek S. El-Madany, "Carbon allocation and tree diversity: shifts in autotrophic respiration in tree mixtures compared to monocultures," Biologia 77, 3305-3396 (2022).
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MANIP Project

Ekaterina Bogdanovich, Perez-Priego, O., El-Madany T.S., Guderle, M., Pacheco-Labrador, J., Levick, S. R., Moreno, G., Carrara, A., Martín, M. P., Migliavacca, M. (2021)
Using terrestrial laser scanning for characterizing tree structural parameters and their changes under different management in a Mediterranean open woodland.
Forest Ecology and Management, 486: 118945
El-Madany T.S., Carrara, A., Martín, M. P., Moreno, G., Kolle, O., Pacheco-Labrador, J., Weber, U., Wutzler, T., Reichstein, M., Migliavacca, M. (2020).
Drought and heatwave impacts on semi-arid ecosystems' carbon fluxes along a precipitation gradient. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B
Biological Sciences, 375(1810): 20190519.
Yunpeng Luo, El-Madany T.S., Ma, X., Nair, R. K. F., Jung, M., Weber, U., Filippa, G., Bucher, S. F., Moreno, G., Cremonese, E., Carrara, A., Gonzalez-Cascon, R., Escudero, Y. C., Galvagno, M., Pacheco-Labrador, J., Martín, M. P., Perez-Priego, O., Reichstein, M., Richardson, A. D., Menzel, A., Römermann, C., Migliavacca, M. (2020).
Nutrients and water availability constrain the seasonality of vegetation activity in a Mediterranean ecosystem.
Global Change Biology, 26(8), 4379-4400.

Biosphere-Atmoshpere Interactions and FLUXNET synthesis

Migliavacca, M., Musavi, T., Mahecha, M. D., Nelson, J. A., Knauer, J., Baldocchi, D. D., ... & Reichstein, M. (2021).
The three major axes of terrestrial ecosystem function.
Nature, 1-5.
Knauer, J., El-Madany T.S., Zaehle, S., Migliavacca, M. (2018).
Bigleaf—An R package for the calculation of physical and physiological ecosystem properties from eddy covariance data.
PLoS One, 13(8): e0201114
Wutzler, T., Lucas-Moffat, A., Migliavacca, M., Knauer, J., Sickel, K., Šigut, L., Menzer, O., Reichstein, M. (2018).
Basic and extensible post-processing of eddy covariance flux data with REddyProc.
Biogeosciences, 15, 5015–5030, 2018.

Phenology and Ecosystem Processes

Yunpeng Luo, El-Madany T.S., Filippa, G., Ma, X., Ahrens, B., Carrara, A., ... & Migliavacca, M. (2018).
Using near-infrared-enabled digital repeat photography to track structural and physiological phenology in Mediterranean tree–grass ecosystems.
Remote Sensing, 10(8), 1293.
Filippa, G., Cremonese, E., Migliavacca, M., Galvagno, G., Forkel, M., Wingate, L., Tomelleri, E., Morra di Cella, U., Richardson, A.D., Phenopix:
A R package for image-based vegetation phenology, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
Volume 220, 15 April 2016, Pages 141-150, ISSN 0168-1923
Forkel, M., Migliavacca, M., Thonicke, K., Reichstein, M., Schaphoff, S., Weber, U., Carvalhais, N. (2015)
Codominant water control on global interannual variability and trends in land surface phenology and greenness.
Global Change Biology, 21(9), 3414-3435

Ecosystem modelling and integration with remote/proximal sensing

Pacheco-Labrador, J., El-Madany T.S., van der Tol, C., Martin, M. P., Gonzalez-Cascon, R., Perez-Priego, O., Guan, J., Moreno, G., Carrara, A., Reichstein, M., Migliavacca, M. (2021)
senSCOPE: Modeling mixed canopies combining green and brown senesced leaves. Evaluation in a Mediterranean Grassland.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 257(3): 112352.
Martini, D., Pacheco-Labrador, J., Perez-Priego, O., van der Tol, C., El-Madany T.S., Julitta, T., Rossini, M., Reichstein, M., Christiansen, R., Rascher, U., Moreno, G., Martín, M.P., Yang, P., Carrara, A., Guan, J., González-Cascón, R., Migliavacca, M. (2019)
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Effect on Sun-Induced Fluorescence and Gross Primary Productivity in Mediterranean Grassland. Remote Sens.
Remote Sensing. 11, 2562.
Pacheco-Labrador, J., Perez-Priego, O., El-Madany T.S., Julitta, T., Rossini, M., Guan, J.-H., Moreno, G., Carvalhais, N., Martín, M. P., Gonzalez-Cascon, R., Kolle, O., Reichstein, M., van der Tol, C., Carrara, A., Martini, D., Hammer, T.D., Moossen, H., Migliavacca, M. (2019).
Multiple-constraint inversion of SCOPE.
Evaluating the potential of GPP and SIF for the retrieval of plant functional traits. Remote Sensing of Environment, 234: 111362
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