Contact and Getting help

For understanding the methods, have a look at our Biogeosciences paper at doi 10.5194/bg-15-5015-2018.

Have a look at the FAQ.

You may search the reddyproc-users list archive for answers. When using google, you may include inurl:reddyproc-users along with your other search criteria.

Or join and post on the email list for general user discussions of the REddyProc package: ''.

Or emails us your questions.

Please, be patient, if you do not get immediate reply. We are scientists providing this tool for you, but usually have other higher priority tasks.

When reporting problems with the online tool, please, specify the id hat is assigned to your job. This id appears in the URL of the pages following the upload as ?fileId=<theNumber> . Further it is reported in the processing log near the beginning, e.g. Entries supplied by the web form: ... fileIdentifier "<theNumber>"

Please, do not send big data with your e-mail. Rather, try to reproduce your problem with the REddyProc web online tool and send us the processing id.

When reporting problems with the R package, please, specify your operating system, the Version of R, and the version of the REddyProc package.

Contact: mail to

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