REddyProc-Web Data protection information

In addition to the general data usage at MPI-BGC, the REddyProc online tool records and stores additional information, necessary to provide the service.


Processing data

Is all the data provided via the web-form and data derived from it.

Is only used

  1. to provide the service to the user of computing additional variables of Eddy data and producing the corresponding figures. The provided email is used to inform the user of success or failure after processing and the link to the results, The processing data is used
  2. to provide information in case of user support request.

It is stored for 70 days after upload and then automatically deleted within one month.


Logging data

Is the email provided with the web-form and the time of upload. It is used for computing summary statistics, such as the number of requests and users grouped by year and country (of the given email).

It is stored for 5 years after upload and then deleted within one year.

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