TrUStEE: Training on Remote Sensing for Ecosystem Modelling

TrUStEE: Training on Remote Sensing for Ecosystem Modelling

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (MSCA-ITN-ETN)

October 01, 2016

Timeframe: 2016-10-01 — 2020-09-30
Funding: European Commission project no H2020-MSCA-ITN-2016 – 721995 Grant Agreement no 721995
Coordinator: Dr. Micol Rossini, University of Milano-Bicocca, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


TRuStEE aims to capacitate the next generation of scientists to understand and deal with the increasing pressure of environmental change on ecosystem functioning and land-atmosphere interactions. Specifically, TRuStEE will train a new generation of scientists with complementary and interdisciplinary skills in ecosystem modelling, plant physiology, remote sensing technologies and big data analysis, addressing the specific objectives:

1) to identify essential biodiversity variables (EBVs) and the link with plant traits (PTs) and ecosystem functional properties (EFPs), inferable from remote sensing,
2) to investigate a completely new avenue for assessing vegetation photosynthetic efficiency from remote sensing measurements of canopy fluorescence,
3) to assimilate diverse remote sensing data streams with varying spatial and temporal resolution in dynamic ecosystem models
4) to exploit new satellite missions (e.g. ESA-FLEX, ESA-Sentinels, NASA-GEDI) and Earth Observation products for the upscaling of PTs, EBVs and EFPs.


The early stage researchers (ESRs) involved will strongly benefit from the network of internationally recognized scientists and private companies with relevant expertise in these topics through training courses, summer schools and secondments.


Fieldwork in ClimGrass (July 17th-24th, 2017)

David and Javier participate to a field campaign to collect spectral data, gas exchange measurements, vegetation samples and canopy-scale CO2 fluxes in the ClimGrass ( Manipulation Experiment together with Michael Bahn (University of Innsbruck) and his group, and with the remote support of Tommaso Julitta (Unimib and JB Hyperspectral devices Here some impressions from the field:

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