Main Focus

I am interested in the carbon cycle of the Amazon rainforest. From an atmospheric perspective, I try to understand the main controls, the sources and sinks of CO2, CH4 and other gases. For this it is crucial to know the physical atmospheric processes controlling how the gases move in the atmosphere during daytime and nighttime. To achieve this, I use atmospheric transport models, gas mole fraction measurements, eddy covariance fluxes together with other large datasets to disentangle processes at local and regional scales. Some of the main questions I try to answer are along the lines of how the vegetation is responding to different drivers and what is the long term budget of carbon for the Amazon region. 

Curriculum Vitae

My background is in Environmental Engineering. After the bachelor I did a Masters in Environmental Sciences in Wageningen University. At the moment I am at the last stage of the PhD, working in the ATTO project. I have experience with atmospheric transport models (WRF-GHG and STILT), large dataset handling with python, some experience with R and bash scripting. Currently I am working with the Jena Carboscope Regional Inversion System in the Amazon region. In addition, on the field work and instrumental side, I have conducted soil chamber measurements and design of manual air-flask sampling campaigns. 

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