Hermannsberg in the Thuringian Forest, view to the northwest with deciduous and mixed forest (© E.D. Schulze/BGC)

Carbon Balance, Ecosystem Research and Forest Management

Independent Research Group

Prof Ernst-Detlef Schulze, one of the founding directors of the institute, retired in September 2009. As Scientific Member of The Max Planck Society, however, the former head of the department Biogeochemical Processes continues his research activities. His scientific focus is on ecosystem processes and the relation between plant biodiversity and land management.

Research Focus and Interests

  • Basic understanding of ecosystem services and biodiversity and their interactions with ecosystem processes
  • Management of ecosystems

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Recent publications

Purahong, W.; Tanunchai, B.; Wahdan, S. F. M.; Buscot, F.; Schulze, E. D.: Molecular screening of microorganisms associated with discolored wood in dead European beech trees suffered from extreme drought event using next generation sequencing. Plants 10 (10), 2092 (2021)
Cardoni, S.; Piredda, R.; Denk, T.; Grimm, G. W.; Papageorgiou, A. C.; Schulze, E. D.; Scoppola, A.; Shanjani, P. S.; Suyama, Y.; Tomaru, N. et al.; Worth, J. R. P.; Simeone, M. C.: 5S-IGS rDNA in wind-pollinated trees (Fagus L.) encapsulates 55 million years of reticulate evolution and hybrid origins of modern species. The Plant Journal 109 (4), pp. 909 - 926 (2022)


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