View from the north tower of the MANIP experiment at Majadas del Tietatar in Spain on a bright day. In the foreground you can see the Eddy boom, a combination of a 3D ultrasonic anemometer in the immediate vicinity of which is the intake of the gas analyzer for carbon dioxide and water vapor. In the background the grazed holm oak grove (Dehesa) and in even greater distance the mountains.

Field experiments & instrumentation

Complex measuring stations, field & laboratory experiments - national and international

The Field Experiments & Instrumentation service group provides scientific and technical support for a wide range of requirements such as the construction and instrumentation of measurement towers, the performance of hydrological and meteorological measurements and experiments in the greenhouse, laboratory and field in Germany and worldwide.

Field of activity of the Field Experiments & Instrumentation service group

  • Preparatory discussions of projects and research in the field of field measurements together with the responsible scientists and working groups.
  • Design and development of stationary and mobile (ground based or aircraft) measurement systems for trace gases (mainly CO2 and CH4) and meteorological variables.
  • Design and development of mobile (ground based or aircraft) air samplers
  • Design and construction of large-scale measurement stations (measurement towers up to 50 m height) for the measurement of turbulent exchange of trace gases (mainly CO2 and CH4), water and heat as well as for the accompanying measurement of meteorological variables
  • Design and construction of power supply systems for measurement stations
  • Preparation, organization and execution of measurement campaigns and expeditions
  • Consulting for the selection of measurement sites in study areas
  • Selection and procurement of sensors, measuring instruments and equipment as well as advice on appropriate procurement measures
  • Maintenance and repair of sensors, measuring instruments, equipment and measuring facilities in the field
  • Calibration, test and comparison of sensors and measuring instruments
  • Development of software for data acquisition, processing, analysis and quality control of measurement data
  • Archiving of measurement data in the institute database to ensure easy access by data users
  • Consulting in the field of measurement setup and measurement technology for the realization of experimental research activities
  • Cultivation of plants in greenhouses and on experimental plots as well as monitoring of experimental series with plants
  • Development of laboratory measuring equipment where air and soil variables, such as humidity and temperature, can be varied
  • Development and construction of a gas mixing unit
  • Planning and construction of extensive laboratory installations, such as the implementation of an isotope labeling system
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