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Planning, development and construction for research

Tasks and services of the mechanical workshop

Technical advice and support in procurement and design

  • We support with our construction program Inventor the production-oriented conception and construction of experimental devices and special equipment for the institute

Manufacture of individual parts, components, apparatus and experimental setups, as well as modification and expansion of existing equipment

  • Manufacturing and assembling of mechanical parts, apparatuses and experimental setups
  • Procurement of standard parts and materials
  • Cutting of semi-finished products
  • Conventional production of turned and milled parts
  • Milling and turning with CNC machines
  • Welding and brazing (TIG, E-welding and resistance spot welding)
  • Bending and heat treatment of metals
  • Sheet metal working
  • Competent planning, consulting and accurate realization of wood and plastic works
  • Sandblasting
  • Painting
  • Lending of tools to members of the institute

Tasks and services of the electronics workshop

  • Support of the scientists, in conception and construction of experimental test facilities, in the electrical and electronic field
  • Support in the selection and ordering of electrical and electronic components
  • Design and development of electronic circuits
  • Layout of printed circuit boards
  • Adaptation of sensors and actuators, signal shaping
  • Setting up measuring instruments and electronic devices for the scientists and central service groups
  • Programming of control systems (SPS)
  • Construction of housings and electromechanical components
  • Support in equipping measuring containers and measuring stations
  • Maintenance and repair of various assemblies and devices (incl. HF and HV)
  • Maintenance and repair of power supplies and accumulators
  • Soldering work
  • Preparation of documentation (incl. 3D drawings)
  • Lending of electrical equipment for temporary tasks
  • Support of the IT - area with the repair of hardware
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