Service Groups

The Service Groups provide the scientific-technical infrastructure to BGC’s research departments and groups. In addition, they also play an active role in the training of student helpers, trainees, interns, and supporting the public relations activities of the institute.

Measuring 14C-isotope ratios [more]
Organizing and maintaining a functional infrastructure [more]
Complex measuring stations, field & laboratory experiments - national and international [more]
Analysis of air samples and production of calibration gases [more]
Analysis of trace gas ratios in air samples [more]
Library and Information Service of the Max Planck Institutes for Chemical Ecology and for Biogeochemistry [more]
Chemical analysis of soil, sediment and water samples [more]
Atomic spectroscopic and chromatographic analyses [more]
Highly precise isotope analysis of atmospheric gases [more]
Planning, development and construction for research [more]
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