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Guest- / Stipend program

The Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry (MPI-BGC) is eager to support scientific progress in the field of biogeochemistry by temporarily hosting a restricted number of top-qualified junior researchers on the PhD student level and international postdoctoral level, termed guest PhD students or guest PostDocs.

Main procedures and criteria are:

  1. Scientific excellence of the guest scientist is required, and his/her interest in a research topic supported by a BGC senior scientist
  2. Applications for a guest program should go any time to the respective senior scientist.
  3. Pre-decision on considering a guest scientist (PhD or PostDoc) depends on the respective senior scientist.
  4. Final acceptance of guest scientists is discussed in quarterly meetings of the “guest and stipend commission”, which is comprised of all directors appointed at MPI-BGC. Positive decision depends on the agreement of a majority of Directors and must always include the managing Director (GfD).
  5. Maximum duration of any individual guest PhD is 6 months, of an international guest PostDoc 2 years.
  6. Strong preference should be given to PhDs and PostDocs from abroad, to foster international exchange. According to MPI-BGC’s wide-spread international cooperations, no geographical preference of the guest scientists’ origin will apply.
  7. Guest Scientists are given unrestricted access to any scientific and administrative infrastructure, equipment and platforms at MPI-BGC which are necessary to conduct his/her research project.
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