Info material

Info material

Here you find written information about the science in our institute.

    Articles in the research magazine Max Planck Research

    • Five Questions on the future of the Amazon, with Prof. Susan Trumbore, MPF 3/2023 (pdf)
    • 75 Years: Monitoring the earth’s vital signs, MPF 2/2023 (pdf)
    • The overfertilized earth, with Prof. Sönke Zaehle, MPF 3/2022 (pdf)
    • Infographic: Wind power, but done right, Information from Dr. PD Axel Kleidon, MPF 2/2022 (pdf)
    • Thawing permafrost, with Mathias Goeckede, MPF 4/2021 (pdf)
    • Forestry needs new roots, with Dr. (habil.) Henrik Hartmann, MPF 3/2021 (pdf)
    • Predictable climate stress, with Prof. Markus Reichstein, MPF 1/2021 (pdf)
    • Forests change the Climate, with Prof. E.-D. Schulze, MPF 4/2020 (pdf)
    • Five Questions on over-fertilization and biodiversity, with Sönke Zaehle, MPF 02/2020 (pdf)
    • Burn damage in the rainforest, Questions for Prof. Susan Trumbore, MPF 4/2019 (pdf)
    • Rooted in the Forest - Portrait of Henrik Hartmann, MPF 1/2018 (pdf)
    • Drilling Deep into Earth’s History - Portrait of Christian Hallmann, MPF 4/2015 (pdf)
    • Balance in the Biotope - The Jena Experiment MPF 3/2015 (pdf)
    • Seeing the Forest for the Trees - Portrait of Susan Trumbore, 2014 MPF 3/2014 (pdf)
    • Earth’s Breath, MPF 3/2013 (pdf)
    • Powerhouse Earth, Axel Kleidon MPF 3/2012 (pdf)
    • Climate Buried in the Soil, Markus Reichstein MPF 4/2009 (pdf)
    • Survival through Diversity, 2008 MPF 2/2018 (pdf)

    Articles in the Yearbook of the Max Planck Society

    The articles are written in German with a short English summary.

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