Main Focus

My name is Danilo Custódio, I have background chemical eng. and Ph.D. on atmospheric sciences.

I am dedicating my career to the study of this thin layer of gases and aerosol covering our planet. Nowadays I am working on the fostering integration of in-situ measurement data and downstream algorithm data, mainly greenhouse data (Integrated Greenhouse Gas Monitoring System - ITMS project).

My every day work is to compare pieces of reality, as we call the measurements, with pieces of products, assessing compliance and agreement among them; in the light of validation and harmonization of data platforms for machine learning. This work has allowed us to identify bias and missing algorism`s parameters, algorithm which are constantly trained in order to be more realistic and reliabel.

The biggest achievement of my life so far, was to be where I am, to work in an institution dealing with so dynamic research topics. The achievement of working in an institution with a remarkable concept of science, from knowledge exploration to innovation. It is exciting be hired by the institution with the name of the scientist who gave extraordinary contributions to our understanding of nature as a whole.

My biggest aim is to be on board of the scientific train of our time, plying with challenging issues which we currently face as clime changes and data disruption.

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