Main Focus

My work at the Biogeochemical Signals department

  • Scientific Software Developer in the QUINCY Team
  • Development and maintenance of the infrastructure of the QUINCY terrestrial ecosystem model, with the aim to run it as:
    • stand-alone model for site-level simulations and
    • coupled model with JSBACH v4 the land component of the MPI-M Earth System Models (ICON-ESM and MPI-ESM), running global simulations
  • Development of new functionalities for model pre- and post-processing
  • Support the QUINCY team with everything around writing code including implementation of new code to the QUINCY model, software version-control, code and scientific documentation, and visualization of results

Professional and educational background

  • PostDoc TU München: Development of an individual-based model simulating the movement and pitfall-trap sampling of multiple ground-dwelling arthropod species, to evaluate the sampling bias across variation in species body size, population density, temperature, pitfall trap number and spatial arrangement.
  • PhD student Friedrich Schiller University Jena: Analyses of the stability of multitrophic ecosystems against environmental changes and species loss using a novel model on interactions networks of functional groups. Two important aspects of the work are: i) the development of a mechanistic model framework that integrates ecosystem functions at the level of functional groups and displays interactions between functional groups as links that integrate multiple types of interactions (e.g. feeding and mutualistic) and ii) the relation between network properties (e.g. heterogeneity and connectance of functional groups) and the way in which an ecosystem responds to gradually increasing environmental change impacts, gradually or abruptly displaying regime shift behaviour.
  • Diploma Thesis Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig - Department of Ecological Modelling: Impact of the bioenergy forced land-use change on the biodiversity in agricultural areas using Skylark as indicator bird species. I developed a novel model and a agricultural-landscape generator to systematically assess the impact of changes in composition and configuration of cultivated crops on Skylark population density at landscape-scale.
  • Diploma in Biology at the University of Potsdam, with focus on theoretical ecology and nature conservation.

Research Interests

Developing and applying models to get mechanistic understanding of how ecosystems work and how they respond to environmental changes and anthropogenic stressors. This covers small and large scales in space and time, from individuals to ecosystems and days to decades.


The list of my publications is available at my ORCID page

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