Main Focus

I am working as a technical assistant in the service group "Routine Measurements & Anaylsis" (RoMA) of Ines Hilke. My main task is the preparation of samples for different analysis (flow injection analysis, TOC measurement, elemental analysis).  In collaboration with Iris Kuhlmann I also prepare all kinds of operation instructions for the institute. As a part of the Department for Biogeochemical Processes I have been working in the institute in different projects (14Constraint, Biodiversity Exploratories, SubSOM) since 2011.

You can also ask me about:

  • sample preparation (sieving, grinding, weighing)
  • enzyme analysis in soils
  • density fractionation
  • CEC-measurement
  • pH-measurements
  • where to find and how to use lab equipment
  • how to write an operation instruction

Curriculum Vitae

since 2021

Technical assistant in Service Group Routine Measurements & Anaylsis (RoMA)

since 2019
Part of the Safety Officers team
2016 - 2023
Member of the "BEM-Team" (Occupational Integration Management)
2014 - 2021 Technical assistant in the Department of Biogeochemical Processes
2014 M.Sc. Evolution, Ecology and Systematics, FSU Jena
2011-2014 Research assistant for Marion Schrumpf in the Biodiversity Exploratories
B.Sc. Biology, FSU Jena
2010-2011 Student research assistant for Ingo Schöning (Institute of Ecology, FSU-Jena)
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