Scientist sitting on Zarges box surrounded by material for soil sampling on a high plateau in Argentina.

Completed Third-Party Funded Research Projects

Under this link you will find an overview of all projects that were completed before June 2022.

Constraining terrestrial gross primary productivity by joint measurements of the carbonyl sulfide exchange and sun-induced fluorescence
Duration: 10/2019 - 9/2022
Funding: DFG
Contact: Tarek El-Madany more
Ecohydrology of mountain grassland under global change: mechanisms and consequences

Ecohydrology of mountain grassland under global change: mechanisms and consequences

Acronym: ClimGrasHydro
Duration: 5/2019 - 4/2022
PI/Co-PIs: Sönke Zaehle
Participating department members: Sönke Zaehle
Herrenhausen Conference
Climate crisis and systemic risks: Lessons Learned from COVID-19
Duration: 15.06.2022 - 30.09.2023
Funding: Volkswagen Stiftung, DFG Leibniz Award
Contact: Markus Reichstein, Dorothea Frank more
LCC: Land Surface Carbon Constellation Study
Duration: 10/2020 - 3/2023
Funding: ESA, Sub-Contract with Lund University
Contact: Sönke Zaehle, Tarek El-Madany more
oBEF-Accross 2
The potential of Earth observation to capture patterns of biodiversity European forests and analyze their resilience
Duration: 1/2020 - 6/2022
Funding: BMWi, DLR
Contact: Javier Pacheco-Labrador more
Monitoring biodiversity from space

Monitoring biodiversity from space

Monitoring biodiversity from space: exploring the potentials of ESA’s Copernicus and German national EO missions
Duration: 1/2020 - 6/2022
Funding: BMWi
Contact: Javier Pacheco-Labrador
Permafrost thaw and the changing arctic coast: science for socio-economic adaptation
Duration: 11/2017 - 10/2022
PI/Co-PIs: Mathias Göckede
Participating department members: Mathias Göckede more
Earth System Deep Learning for Seasonal Fire Forecasting in Europe
Duration: 3/2022 - 3/2023
Funding: ESA (subcontract)
Contact: Nuno Carvalhais
Sen4GPP, Sentinels4Carbon

Sen4GPP, Sentinels4Carbon

Sentinel missions for Terrestrial Carbon Production
Duration: 06/2021 - 05/2023
Funding: ESA sub-contract
Contact: Martin Jung, Gregory Duveiller
SLAINTE: Sub-daily Land Atmosphere INTEractions

SLAINTE: Sub-daily Land Atmosphere INTEractions

The SLAINTE mission aims to study Sub-daily Land Atmosphere INTEractions to improve our understanding of rapid dynamics in the water and carbon cycles over land.
Duration: 11/2022 - 10/2023
Funding: ESA-Unterauftrag
Contact: Ana Bastos
STELLAR: Stable isotope metrology to enable climate action and regulation
Duration: 9/2020 - 8/2023
Funding: EU, HORIZON 2020 und EURAMET (Grant ID: 864769)
Contact: Heiko Moossen more
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