COP 28: Contributions of MPI-BGC

  • Start: Nov 30, 2023
  • End: Dec 13, 2023
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
COP 28: Contributions of MPI-BGC
BGC Scientists are in various ways contributing to COP 28, the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference or Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC, which is held in Dubai the first two weeks of December.

Side Event: Trust through Transparency - A German contribution through the Integrated Greenhouse Gas Monitoring System (ITMS)

Dec 1, 10 am GST (UTC +4)/7 am CET at the German Pavillion & online

Reaching climate goals requires emission verification. In this session, experts from emission inventory, earth observation and modelling communities will provide insights into how scientific methodologies add transparency at the German, European, and global levels.

Christoph Gerbig, coordinator of the ITMS project and research group leader at MPI-BGC, is one of the speakers.

"The aim of the ITMS project is to develop and implement a capacity to characterize, quantify, and monitor Germany’s greenhouse gas sources and sinks using independent information from atmospheric observations and process studies. This is to provide scientific support for national inventory reporting and to help improve emission inventories. This will lead to enhanced transparency through observation-driven GHG monitoring. ITMS strives for Trust through Transparency, as this represents the only way to get everyone involved in the combat against climate change in a democratic world."

Press Conference: Future Earth, WCRP, Earth League with UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Mr Simon Stiell: 10 New Insights in Climate Science, 2023

Dec 3, 16:30 pm GST (UTC +4)/ 13:30 pm CET at the Press Conference 1, Zone B8 & online.

The 10 New Insights in Climate Science report is a joint initiative of Future Earth, the Earth League, and the World Climate Research Programme. The annual series synthesizes the latest climate change related research for the international science-policy community. Since 2017, installments have been launched annually at the Climate COP with the UNFCCC Executive Secretary.

The 2023 report was prepared by a consortium of 67 leading researchers from 24 countries and responds to clear calls for policy guidance during this climate-critical decade. The scientific insights of the report equip negotiators with the latest climate science to facilitate informed, effective decision-making on holistic climate and nature solutions. This is especially significant against the backdrop of the inaugural Global Stocktake at COP28, which underscores the pressing need for transformative actions to fulfill the Paris Agreement's ambitions.

BGC scientist and research group leader Ana Bastos is one of the co-authors of the report.

Press Conference: Global Carbon Budget Report 2023

Dec 5, 10:30 am GST (UTC +4)/ 7:30 am CET at the Press Conference 2, Zone B6 & online.

Just over 20 years ago the Global Carbon Project (GCP) was created to bring together a global consortium of scientists to establish a common and mutually agreed understanding of the Earth carbon cycle. Its aim was to use this knowledge to influence policy action to slow down and ultimately stop the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. To help realise its aim, the GCP has produced the Global Carbon Budget (GCB). The GCB tracks the trends in global carbon emissions and sinks and is a key measure of progress to towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. Every year the latest GCB update is launched and presented at the UNFCC’s latest and most important climate change negotiating session, Conference of Parties (COP) in a press conference.

Sönke Zaehle, managing director of the MPI-BGC is one of the co-authors of the Global Carbon Budget.

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