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Julia Joswig

PhD student at the Functional Biogeography Research Group
room: C1.014
phone: +49 3641 57 6211
fax: +49 3641 577200
email: jjoswig(at)

Research Focus:

[I] What can we learn from the covariances of global plant traits? To which extent do subgroups differ in their function or strategy?

[II] How do community strategies link to their abiotic environment?

[III] The data Basis: Assessment of potential global trait patterns' alteration due to gap-filling.

Research Interests:

Plant function, namely trait identity and diversity are linked to the individual plants' performances. They enable to glimpse into processes that shaped the form and function of todays plant kingdom. I would like to understand better which major processes lead to todays' functional diversity in different plant groups, may it be due to multivariate whole plant trade- offs or due to broad scale environmental filtering. On the long term I aim to understand the impact of anthropogenic land use change on the functional traits globally.

Current Projects:

Assessment of potential global trait patterns' alteration due to gap-filling.

Evaluation of the Concept of Environmental Filtering for Global Plant Function.


since 2014 PhD student: "Plant strategies in the environment, considering land-use change" with a research stay at the University of Santander in Bucaramanga (Colombia)

2013 - 2014 Sensitivity Ananlysis of the gap-filling algorithm HPMF

2010 - 2013 Master studies of Geography at the Georg August University of Göttingen, Gothenburg and Dresden with emphasis on soil sciences, field research at the Estación Científica San Francisco in Ecuador

2006 - 2010 Bachelor studies of Biology at the Georg August University of Göttingen and the Free University of Berlin


Franziska Schrodt, Jens Kattge, Hanhuai Shan, Farideh Fazayeli, Julia Joswig, Arindam Banerjee, Markus Reichstein, Gerhard Bönisch, Sandra Díaz, John Dickie, Andy Gillison, Anuj Karpatne, Sandra Lavorel, Paul Leadley, Christian B. Wirth, Ian J. Wright, S. Joseph Wright andPeter B. Reich (2015): BHPMF – a hierarchical Bayesian approach to gap-filling and trait prediction for macroecology and functional biogeography,Global Ecology and Biogeography (

Diaz et al. (2016): The global spectrum of plant form and function, Nature (


2017 - New Phytologist Symposium, Exeter - Oral presentation: Environmental signals in plant traits: A dichotomy of soil and climate driven traits

2016 - American Geophysical Union, San Francisco - Oral presentation: What it needs to make plant function explicable

2016 - iDiv Conference Leipzig - Oral presentation: What it needs to make plant function explainable

2015 - iDiv Conference Leipzig

2015 - EEF Rome - Oral presentation: Gap-filling for multivariate plant trait analyses - trait prediction using Bayesian Hierarchical Probabilistic Matrix Factorization

2014 - GfÖ Hildesheim - Oral presentation: Evaluating the spatial influence on gap-filling of global plant functional traits

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