Curriculum Vitae

My research focuses on plant functioning at multiple spatial and temporal scales, in the context of global change and with a strong focus on trees and forests. In particular, I am interested in understanding plant water and carbon fluxes, studying the interactions between plant traits, whole-plant physiology and ecosystem processes.

I have been junior PI at CREAF since 2015, coordinating the SAPFLUXNET initiative, in which we curate the first global database of tree water use derived from sap flow measurements and we use it to disentangle the determinants of tree transpiration and drought responses at the global scale. Since 2019, I hold a Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry. I am also Adjunct Lecturer in Ecology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) since 2018.

I have a BSc in Environmental Sciences (2002; UAB) and a PhD in Biology (2006; Institute of Earth Sciences ‘Jaume Almera’, ICTJA-CSIC and University of Barcelona, UB). I have been postdoctoral researcher at Solfranc Tecnologías (2007-2008), Durham University, UK, (2008-2009) and CREAF (2009-2015), with short-term postdoctoral visits at the University of Edinburgh, UK, (2012) and Ghent University in Belgium (2017).

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