Main Focus

As a database assistant, I fill various databases. In Jens Kattge's working group, I am responsible for updating the data records in the TRY plant database. Contributions are made to various morphological, anatomical and biochemical phenological plant traits.

Other tasks include organising the BGC seminars that take place weekly at our institute on Thursdays and entering and maintaining the publications of the two Max Planck Institutes for Biogeochemistry and Chemical Ecology in the MPG's publication repository (PuRe database).

Curriculum Vitae

1985 Diploma thesis at the Department of Ecology with Dr. R. Marstaller on "Mosses and moss communities of the Dohlenstein National Park near Kahla /Thür.

1995 DFG project "Spitsbergen Cryptogams" at the Institute for Special Botany of the FSU Jena

1998 BMBF project "Collection, taxonomic determination, isolation and cultivation of selected fungal fruiting bodies" with Dr. H. Dörfelt at the Institute of Ecology, FSU Jena

2002 Acquisition of knowledge of molecular biological methods (cloning, sequencing of DNA, PCR) with Prof. F. Buscot at FSU Jena

2004 Monitoring and maintenance of the measuring instruments of the measuring stations in Thuringia, sampling for increment analysis and stock inventories in the Wetzstein area, Thuringia at the MPI for Biogeochemistry

2007 Database assistant with Dr. C. Wirth, data research and data processing on deadwood decomposition in temperate and tropical forests, extraction of literature data on soil carbon pools and soil respiration for modelling and evaluation in QUASOM

2007 Collection, identification, isolation of selected fungal fruiting bodies for Intermed GmbH

Since 2010 Extraction and input of relevant plant parameters into database system (TRY); consolidation of trait lists on nitrogen fixation, photosynthetic traits and growth habit for "A global look-up table of plant categorical traits" (J. Kattge)

Since 2010, entering and maintaining the publications of the two Max Planck Institutes for Biogeochemistry and Chemical Ecology in the MPG publication repository (PuRe database).

Since 2015, planning of the BGC and BGP seminars. 

Special interests

I acquired my first special knowledge in ornithology and bryology. Afterwards I focused on mycology in Jena and Thuringia. In 2019 the book was published  

Günther, A.; Böhning, T.; Wiesner, J.; Vesper, A.; Stacke, A.; Theiss, M.; Gminder, A.: Die Großpilze Jenas. Funga-Jena Verlag, Jena (2019).

As the state coordinator for mushrooms in Thuringia, I record all mushroom finds in Thuringia in the MYKIS database and am involved as the deputy chair of the Arbeitsgruppe Mykologie in Thüringen e.V. (Mycology in Thuringia Working Group, ThAM e.V.)

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