Publications of Huilin Chen

Journal Article (7)

Journal Article
Boschetti, F.; Chen, H.; Thouret, V.; Nedelec, P.; Janssens-Maenhout, G.; Gerbig, C.: On the representation of IAGOS/MOZAIC vertical profiles in chemical transport models: contribution of different error sources in the example of carbon monoxide. Tellus, Series B - Chemical and Physical Meteorology 67, 28292 (2015)
Journal Article
Filges, A.; Gerbig, C.; Chen, H.; Franke, H.; Klaus, C.; Jordan, A.: The IAGOS-core greenhouse gas package: a measurement system for continuous airborne observations of CO2, CH4, H2O and CO. Tellus, Series B - Chemical and Physical Meteorology 67 (1), 27989 (2015)
Journal Article
Beck, V.; Chen, H.; Gerbig, C.; Bergamaschi, P.; Bruhwiler, L.; Houweling, S.; Rockmann, T.; Kolle, O.; Steinbach, J.; Koch, T. et al.; Sapart, C. J.; van der Veen, C.; Frankenberg, C.; Andreae, M. O.; Artaxo, P.; Longo, K. M.; Wofsy, S. C.: Methane airborne measurements and comparison to global models during BARCA. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 117, D15310 (2012)
Journal Article
Messerschmidt, J.; Chen, H.; Deutscher, N. M.; Gerbig, C.; Grupe, P.; Katrynski, K.; Koch, F. T.; Lavrič, J. V.; Notholt, J.; Rödenbeck, C. et al.; Ruhe, W.; Warneke, T.; Weinzierl, C.: Automated ground-based remote sensing measurements of greenhouse gases at the Białystok site in comparison with collocated in-situ measurements and model data. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 12, pp. 6741 - 6755 (2012)
Journal Article
Chen, H.; Winderlich, J.; Gerbig, C.; Katrynski, K.; Jordan, A.; Heimann, M.: Validation of routine continuous airborne CO2 observations near the Bialystok Tall Tower. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 5 (4), pp. 873 - 889 (2012)
Journal Article
Chen, H.; Winderlich, J.; Gerbig, C.; Höfer, A.; Rella, C. W.; Crosson, E. R.; Van Pelt, A. D.; Steinbach, J.; Kolle, O.; Beck, V. et al.; Daube, B. C.; Gottlieb, E. W.; Chow, V. Y.; Santoni, G. W.; Wofsy, S. C.: High-accuracy continuous airborne measurements of greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) using the cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) technique. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 3 (2), pp. 375 - 386 (2010)
Journal Article
Winderlich, J.; Chen, H.; Gerbig, C.; Seifert, T.; Kolle, O.; Lavrič, J. V.; Kaiser, C.; Hofer, A.; Heimann, M.: Continuous low-maintenance CO2/CH4/H2O measurements at the Zotino Tall Tower Observatory (ZOTTO) in Central Siberia. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 3 (4), pp. 1113 - 1128 (2010)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Chen, H.: Development of a high-accuracy continuous CO2/CH4/H2O analyzer for deployment on board a commercial airliner. Dissertation, 175 pp., Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena (2010)
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