Before Arrival

Before Arrival

Prepare your stay in Germany

We can help you with the arrangement of your arrival as well as finding accommodation. Our institute offers the following options for temporary housing depending on availability:
  • guest rooms in the Max Planck Guest House at the institute (max. 3 months)
  • guest appartment in the Max Planck Guest House on the Schroeter street (max. 1 year)

For long term accommodation, please follow that  link: more
(1) Citizens of the European Union and of the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). You do not need a visa to come, live and work in Germany. You only need a valid passeport or identity document. 

(2) Citizens of certain non-EU contry do not need a visa to enter Germany. Find out here if you need one:
Übersicht zur Visumpflicht bzw. -freiheit bei Einreise in die Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Auswärtiges Amt (  However, for stays of more than 90 days within a 180-day period and to be allowed to work, a residence permit is required. Please contact us in advance to make sure you have your working permit on time.

(3) Citizens of all other non-EU countries need a visa to enter Germany. You must apply at the German embassy in your country of residence. Here are the most common visas for researchers and students:
  • § 18b (2) Blue Card EU (mainly Postdocs)
  • § 18d Research (mainly Postdocs and PhDs)
You will find further information here Visa Navigator of the Federal Foreign Office.

Typically, the national visa is only issued for a short period of time. You will have to extend it in Germany by sending your application at the immigration office in Jena after you have registered with the city (Anmeldebehörde). See the procedure here.

If your spouse and/or children are joining you during your stay in Jena, even if they do not arrive at the same time as you, we recommend that you apply for your visa at the same time.

Find online Visa application form here. more
Health insurance coverage is mandatory for everyone living in Germany and you are requiered to have health insurance coverage for the whole duration of your stay. 

If you have a working contract and your salary is between €520 /month or €66,600/year, you are entitled to join the statutory health insurance. Statutory health insurance can already be arranged in advance, but will only cover you from the first day of your working contract. 

If you have a fellowship, you will need to take a private health insurance. 

If you earn less then €520 /month or more then €66,600/year, you can choose between private or statutory health insurance. more
Childcare: In Jena every child of seven months or older has the legal right to a place in day care if both parents have a job, are students or in vocational training. Otherwise they can attend a kindergarten at the age of 1. You should inquire early about the day-care facilities.

Schools: For all children living in Germany it is compulsory to attend school from the age of 6 to 15. For more information please contact School Administration Jena. more
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