Increase in global CO2 emissions has slowed down

December 11, 2019

Will we succeed in making climate change and its consequences controllable? That is the central question on which science and politics are working. The decisive measure for this is global carbon emissions. What quantities of greenhouse gases, first and foremost carbon dioxide (CO2), are released into the atmosphere every year, and how much of this can the land and ocean absorb and thus remove from the atmosphere? The Global Carbon Project (GCP), a worldwide association of climate researchers in which Dr. Sönke Zaehle and Dr. Christian Rödenbeck of the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry are involved, takes stock every year. In 2019, the GCP's latest report shows, global carbon emissions continue to rise, but at a slower rate than in previous years. While less coal was burned globally, growing consumption of natural gas and an increase in emissions from land use over the previous year more than offset the decline.

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