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Precisely predicting allergenic pollen with AI

The new research project "PollenNet" aims to use artificial intelligence to accurately predict the spread of pollen. In order to improve allergy prevention, experts are bringing together the latest interdisciplinary findings from a wide range of fields. more

<span><span>Eliane Gomes Alves receives Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award</span></span>

European Geosciences Union honors Eliane Gomes Alves, project leader in the Trumbore department, with the Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award. more

<span><span><span>German-Colombian research collaboration, sparked by award-winning PhD candidate</span></span></span>

The Colombia PeatSense Congress in Bogotá, enabled by an award to PhD student Antje Uhde, brought together German and Colombian peatland scientists. more

Land under water – what causes extreme flooding

If rivers overflow their banks, the consequences can be devastating. Using methods of explainable machine learning, researchers at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) have shown that floods are more extreme when several factors are involved in their development. more

Europe is not prepared for rapidly growing climate risks

Europe is the fastest warming continent in the world. According to the European Environment Agency’s assessment, many of these risks have already reached critical levels and could become catastrophic without urgent and decisive action. more

“Live Fast, Die Young”: Agriculture is Transforming Entire Ecosystems

According to a new study, communities of organisms adapt collectively to grassland use. more

Professor Christian Wirth in the Botanical Garden of University Leipzig

We have gained a new external member: Prof. Dr. Christian Wirth has been appointed by the Senate of the Max Planck Society as External Scientific Member.  As a former group leader and later fellow at the institute, Prof. Wirth initiated and supported the development of the TRY database, the world's largest collection on plant traits.  more

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