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MPI-BGC continues to host several of the world's most cited scientists

In the annual ranking of the world's most cited and thus most influential scientists, five authors from our institute are once again represented in 2022.


Not just a pretty place: grassland plant diversity benefits wildlife, agriculture, and tourism

Large-scale study shows the benefits of high grassland biodiversity for a variety of ecosystem services and rural stakeholder groups. more

A new monitoring station near Umiujaq in Canada, a transition area from forest to tundra.

Climate warming is thawing permafrost and melting glaciers in the Arctic, causing vegetation changes, extreme drought and fires. All this depends strongly on the energy exchange between atmosphere and soil. more

ATTO Workshop in Manaus: Full steam ahead

As part of the German-Brazilian cooperation project Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO), international scientists are studying the Amazon rainforest and its interaction with the atmosphere and climate. The recent project workshop clearly confirmed that ATTO has developed into a research site with globally unique capabilities – despite the pandemic and challenging field conditions. more

Smartphone data can help create global vegetation maps

Information gaps in global maps of plant characteristics can be filled with data from nature identification apps. Users of the iNaturalist app are playing a key role in helping researchers create global maps of plant traits. Among other things, the new maps provide an improved basis for understanding plant-environment interactions and for Earth system modeling. more

5 Kerninfos zum Klimawandel in nur 20 Worten:
1. Er ist real.
2. Wir sind die Ursache.
3. Er ist gefährlich.
4. Die Fachleute sind sich einig.
5. Wir können noch etwas tun.

Updated basic facts about climate change that are undisputed in the scientific community. more

Sönke Zaehle new Managing Director

As of September 1, 2022, Prof. Susan Trumbore has handed over the golden steering wheel to Prof. Sönke Zaehle, who will then be Managing Director (GfD) for the next two years. more

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