Highly cited influential authors: 6 BGC scientists in citation ranking 2019

November 22, 2019

The who’s who of highly cited scientific authors includes for 2019 six scientists from MPI-BGC at different career levels:

  • Markus Reichstein (Direktor)
  • Susan Trumbore (Direktorin)
  • Sönke Zaehle (unabhängiger Gruppenleiter)
  • Martin Jung (Gruppenleiter)
  • Jens Kattge (Gruppenleiter)
  • Mirco Migliavacca (Gruppenleiter)

This means that MPI-BGC again belongs to the top ten Max Planck institutes with highly-cited scientists.

The annual ranking of highly cited scientists draws on the data and analysis performed by bibliometric experts from the Institute of Scientific Information at Clarivate Analytics. The publication and citation data come from the Web of Science, a web-based database containing the scientific literature of over 30,000 journal titles.

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