Mourning for Dr. Johannes Meyerholt

February 27, 2020

We mourn the passing of our long-standing colleague Dr. Johannes Meyerholt, who died last week after a long and serious illness.

Johannes Meyerholt started his PhD research at the institute in 2012 on the role of the nitrogen cycle for carbon storage in terrestrial ecosystems. In the context of his doctoral thesis, he made a significant contribution to the understanding of uncertainties in global modelling by systematically comparing alternative model hypotheses with ecosystem data. After completing his dissertation and within the international CRESCENDO research project, he was able to apply his knowledge to the assessment of Earth system models, which as part of the CMIP6 project are one of the bases for the IPCC reports .

With Johannes Meyerholt we are losing a committed and constructive colleague who will be remembered as a thoughtful person and reliable friend. Our sincere sympathies go out to his family.

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