Main Focus

Research interests

I study the global carbon cycle and its interactions with the climate system. In my research group we develop mathematical concepts for the study of ecosystems, implement computational tools for the analysis of biogeochemical models, and perform observational and experimental studies to improve our predictions about the responses and feedbacks between climate and the terrestrial biosphere.

Some research questions that guide our current work include:

  • For how long does carbon stay in terrestrial ecosystems and the entire terrestrial biosphere?
  • How long would it take to remove carbon of fossil-fuel origin from the atmosphere-biosphere-surface ocean system?
  • Can we adaptively manage terrestrial ecosystems to increase the time carbon remains stored before returning to the atmosphere?
  • How sensitive are terrestrial carbon stocks to simultaneous changes in multiple environmental factors?

Curriculum Vitae


Degree   Institution   Year
PhD in Forest Science   Oregon State University   2006-2009
M.Sc. in Forest Science   Oregon State University   2003-2006
B.Sc. in Forestry   Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Medellín   1995-2001

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