Dr. Mathias Goeckede

Group Leader
Department Biogeochemical Signals (BSI)
Integrating surface-atmosphere Exchange Processes Across Scales - Modeling and Monitoring (IPAS)
+49 3641 57-8936
+49 151 5110 6657
ITP V3.066

Main Focus

My research interests focus on the design of networks of greenhouse gas observation systems covering multiple spatiotemporal scales, and the assimilation of these new datasets into flexible modeling frameworks. One major focus is placed on approaches to optimize a hierarchy of observation platforms across scales to constrain surface-atmosphere exchange fluxes of unknown, but presumably highly variable spatiotemporal distribution (e.g. methane fluxes in permafrost ecosystems). A second major focus, directly related to the first, is to mine all information available on ecosystem feedbacks to climate variability, ranging from small scale soil chambers to large scale satellite data, from high-frequency eddy-covariance data to long-term biometric inventories, in order to improve the representation of underlying mechanisms in process models.

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