Main Focus

My main research interest focuses on exchange processes between terrestrial ecosystems and the lower atmosphere. My research combines observational approaches with atmospheric and biogeochemical modeling across scales, for example to constrain the budgets of greenhouse gases and energy within structured, complex landscapes, and to identify important processes and influence factors that dominate these budgets. A special focus is placed on approaches that allow to bridge between scales, and thus facilitate a reliable upscaling of small-scale, process-based information and direct coupling to coarser resolution datasets.

Curriculum Vitae

since 2012:    Research group leader at MPI-BGC
2005-2012:    Post-doctoral research associate at Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
2000-2005:    PhD student in micro-meteorology, University of Bayreuth
1995-2000:    Diploma student in geo-ecology, University of Bayreuth

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