TNb (DN) Summenparameteranalyse

TN 100


  • DON = TNb [NH4+-N + (NO3- + NO2-)-N]
  • total bound nitrogen TNb
  • in water examples, extracts
  • working range: 0.10 - 100 mg/L
  • sample volume: 4 (+3) mL
  • sample storage: deep frozen
  • reference material:
    • CertiPUR® (NH4+)
    • CRM Nutrients Complex QCI-042-2


A 100 mL syringe injects a selectable sample volume into a reaction tube which is filled with a platinum catalyst. The sample is combusted at 800 - 900°C in pure oxygen; the oxygen is used as carrier gas as well. All bound nitrogen compounds in the sample are oxidized to NOX and converted subsequently into NO. An electrical dehumidifier eliminates the moistness from the resulting NO gas. After this the NO is allowed to react with ozon in the chemiluminiscence cell according to the following oxidation reaction:


A generally emitted wavelength of light (590-2500 nm) is possible during the course of this reaction. The intensity of the emitted light is proportional to NO concentration over a broad range. Detection is carried out by a photomultiplier tube and for quantification the light is converted to an area value after waveform processing.

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