Data processing and archiving

June 07, 2022

The individual steps of the data processing chain for calculating sample measurement values are carried out by central software developed at FCL. Raw data output by the analyzers are imported by the software, undergo automated validity checks, and are processed yielding calibrated concentration values. After validation by the responsible lab managers, these results are forwarded to the ICOS Thematic Centers and archived in a central database. Automatically or manually generated invalidation notes or corrections are also stored to make this process traceable and reproducible.

This system also allows all data processing chains to be retroactively reprocessed if corrections to the underlying international calibration scales require this. Thus, measurement results for the calibration gases at ICOS stations can be updated retrospectively. Based on such revisions the concentration data for the entire set of ICOS atmospheric data can be recalculated by the ICOS Atmospheric Theme Center. Thereby, a consistent data set corresponding to the currently valid international calibration scale is ensured at all times.

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